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January 2, 2018

Today it was the 2nd of January and another busy day in Katwadde. We started the day with another nice breakfast and then we hit the road. In the morning we were once again going to visit people at their homes to ask them the questions we asked before as well. This time however, we saw a few of the more important people of Katwadde and some of their answers surprised me. For example we met with a land lord of the local king. He seemed to have quite a wealthy home. However, he is still having trouble paying for the school of his children so only one of his children is going to school.


Then there was a man who lives right next to a waterpump but who was still very excited about the water pipe that's coming. This was because so many people use the pump and it cannot give enough water for everyone. After this we met one of the men from the parents counsel at his house. He used to be a civil servant and with this he was able to afford all of his children to get a degree. All 10 of them either have a degree or are still working on one. He also has an impressive chicken and pig farm. He has a room that has 150 chicks in there.


When they grow up he will sell the eggs and then eventually the chickens themselves. He also has two pregnant pigs that should be delivering somewhere next week. Both of them should give about 10 piglets which they will raise and sell when they are big enough. They are busy constructing new cages for the pigs to be kept in. These look very impressive. After we went for lunch it was time to meet the local football team. It consists of boys who have been forced to stop school too early because of a lack of money. First we watched them play a bit. They played with a broken ball and broken shoes.


Then we talked with them and asked them some questions. Some of them would really love to try and play professionally, but they again have the problem of money. They can't often go to other teams to compete because it is hard to cover the transportation costs. If they do compete, they have to compete without shirts on because they can't afford a uniform. John and Wiard gave them the idea of starting a business together so they can finance what is necessary for the team. The idea is to have something like a job agency, where they send out people to do jobs for others like brick making, gardening, etc.


Wiard told them that if they came up with a good plan, he would buy them uniforms and new shoes for their trainer. They were so thankful that they wanted to name their team after him. Since Wiard's African name is Mugera, it is now called Mugera F.C. While me and Wiard were at the football, Jari actually stayed behind to see if he could install the computers. And he succeeded! He got all the things in place for it all to work, but when it started getting dark there wasn't enough electricity to finish it. However, after tomorrow it should all be in place.


Also the carpenter is making cabinets for the screens to go in and those should be ready tomorrow as well. So when we leave, the Good Shepard Primary School will have access to three computers to use for education. Exciting things are happening here, and I hope you all love reading about it. I do apologize for not having kept you updated the past few days but we didn't have access to internet. From now on it should all work untill we leave though, so you can expect daily updates once again.



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March 23, 2018

January 3, 2018

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In Uganda is a little rural village called Katwadde. When John Ssentamu moved to this village he started the Good Shepard Primary School for the children who couldn't go to school before for multiple reasons. Wiard, Jari and Iris have been there to meet the community. We want to help both the school and the community so they can develop into the best that they can be. On this site you can read about what we have done and what we want to do in the future. We hope you enjoy it.

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