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December 27, 2017

Yesterday was already the second day of our trip. It was quite the experience. After we woke up we were joined by John and John for breakfast. After breakfast, we wasted no time to get on our way in the car to Katwadde. 


On our way, we saw a lot. There were market stalls with chickens being sold. There were cows and 

goats just roaming around. There were people with there own shops that sell all sorts of things, clothes, machine parts and food for example. Once we were out of the busy city of Entebbe, we saw fields of corn and papyrus. It’s difficult to describe how different everything is here compared to home. Maybe the pictures say enough. At one point, we drove past the equator, where we stopped to make some pictures and drink a cup of coffee. 


After this our journey continued. We drove most of the way over a highway, which is nothing like the highways we have at home. It is more like the provincial roads in the Netherlands. We past through a couple of smaller villages on the way and we stopped a couple times to pick up some things. After a couple of hours we went of the highway, onto a little dirt road. After a little while longer we were finally here.


Once in Katwadde, we met Johns wife Gertrude and two of his kids, as well as some other people from the village. Then we got to see the place where we will be staying for the next days. It’s a little house close to the school with three rooms. One room in the middle where we can sit and eat and two bedrooms on either side. It is usually used as a dormitory for students, but they are home for christmasbreak instead. After this all we had a great lunch made by Gertrude consisting of rice, spinach, cooked potatoes, meat and a kind of bananapuree. 


After lunch we gave the family some gifts and especially the children were very excited about them. All in all we are very well taken care of here and I’m sure we’re going to have a very good time.


Afterwards we got a tour of the school. They have eight classrooms and an office. We also went through the schedule of the rest of the time we are here. We are very excited and it's going to be great!

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March 23, 2018

January 3, 2018

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In Uganda is a little rural village called Katwadde. When John Ssentamu moved to this village he started the Good Shepard Primary School for the children who couldn't go to school before for multiple reasons. Wiard, Jari and Iris have been there to meet the community. We want to help both the school and the community so they can develop into the best that they can be. On this site you can read about what we have done and what we want to do in the future. We hope you enjoy it.

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