Planting roots

December 7, 2017

Building a school garden at the Good Shepard Primary School was an initiative from Wiard Vasen. He arranged a gardener from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and contact John about it. John however, had a different idea. I friend of his from Masaka, the nearby city, is a gardener. His name is Francis and John contacted him right away.


Francis wanted to start right away because he wanted to have made a significant amount of progress by the time we get there. Francis works really good with the children. It surprised the people of the community how happy the children are to work on the garden. This was one of Wiard’s main goals, for the children to have fun in an educational way. With this project, they learn how to build and maintain a garden from scratch and they have fun doing it.


Besides that the children learn from it, the garden has another obvious advantage. It will provide the school with a way to produce some of their own food. This will leave more money for other improvements in the school


The garden they are building will be used by the community to grow their own herbs, spices and fruit. Partly under the open air and partly under a roof of leaves. The parts with the roof are called nursery beds. The function of these nursery beds is to protect the plants while they're still little. After the little plants are strong enough, they can be put on the big fields to grow more. 


The garden will be used to grow these plants;

- Tomatoes

- Green pepper

- Cabbage

- Sukumawik

- Egg plants

- Carrot

- Passion fruits

- Amaranthus

- Bugga

- Ntula

- Pawpaw

- Mangoes

- Nakati 

- Jobya

- Bananas

- Maize

- Yams

- Potatoes

- Beans

- Ground nuts


To make this garden, John and Francis bought a bunch of supplies such as rakes, watering cans and wheelbarrows. The village has never had wheelbarrows before, so this was really new for them. 


Besides having the garden with crops, Francis and John also bought some pigs to hold. 


Wiard is sponsoring the garden and the work of Francis because he wants people to be rewarded for their hard work. After the garden is finished, Francis will come back once a week to maintain the garden.




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March 23, 2018

January 3, 2018

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In Uganda is a little rural village called Katwadde. When John Ssentamu moved to this village he started the Good Shepard Primary School for the children who couldn't go to school before for multiple reasons. Wiard, Jari and Iris have been there to meet the community. We want to help both the school and the community so they can develop into the best that they can be. On this site you can read about what we have done and what we want to do in the future. We hope you enjoy it.

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